Founded in 1989 in Los Angeles, California, Active Basic was initially a fabric company dedicated to providing the local market with the highest quality materials available. With a strong foundation and deep roots in high quality fabric, the company soon evolved and emerged as one of the world’s primary providers of women’s and junior’s apparel. Today, Active Basic maintains a strong prominence in places like the USA, Canada, Mexico, and parts of Europe. The company’s solid reputation and success can be credited to a fundamental focus on exceeding customers’ expectations in quality, design, and cost. With 33 years of industry experience, Active Basic’s main mission continues to simply be a consistent provider of premium yet affordable clothing for everyday wear.


Since the very start in 1989, this company has endured both struggles and triumphs, all of which have made Active USA what it is today. As I reflect on this 34 years long journey, I feel a deep sense of amazement and appreciation towards all who have contributed and dedicated themselves to this company. Each trial and tribulation has made us who we are today and shows us all that we are capable of. One particular challenge from the past stands out as a symbol of our team’s strength and dedication. During the 1992 LA Riots, I watched everything that we had worked towards, our headquarters and warehouse, burn to the ground. Despite the deep sense of loss and devastation we all felt, we were able to get back up and pick up the pieces. This experience has left a profound mark on our lives because it is a testimony to the power of community and hard work. Without the support and genuine compassion of our employees, vendors, and customers, we would not be here today, and for that, I would like to say thank you. Active USA’s success truly comes down to every single member of our team, all of our supportive partners, and each of our loyal customers.Thank you always for being Active.
Thank you always for being Active.

President, Founder and CEO
Active USA Inc.